Robert Lafontaine has been a caricature artist for the past 20 years. He has been doing live caricature in party, gigs and special events for so many clients it would be too long to enumerate. Just a few strokes and he’ll capture your essence. Why wait? Hire him for your party and go back home with a unique souvenir of the event.  For additional details, clic here.

Caricature is the ideal entertainment to have a great time with your guests. The artist can draw 7 people an hour and each caricature includes the head, the body and a touch of color. Of course some faces are more difficult to draw, children for example, and that’s when you can draw the line between an experienced caricaturist and a beginner. Clic here to have acces to a complete gallery of live caricatures.

All sizes of papers can be used to draw caricatures but it is generally the 11X17 inches format that is used. A standart way to draw more caricatures is to use of printed papers. The background is drawn in the studio prior to the event. In this way, Lafontaine needs to draw only the head during the party. Of course, each caricature has the same background and the company’s logo can also be printed. Follow this link to see more papers.


It is often asked that the cartoonist works from photos. One has to know that it is essential to provide a good quality of photographic material in order that the artist can do a good job. I usually ask the client to take 4 photos of the person to caricature, a face, a side and a three-quarter view. I also ask for another photo where we can see the model from head to feet. In addition, the person must smile and in order to draw an even better picture, we can also provide information about the person’s hobbies or characteristics

Click here for more examples photo

When there is a large number of guests (for example over a hundred people)  at golf tournaments, sporting events or big Christmas partys, there are different solutions to accelerate the pace..

  • Hire more than one caricaturist
  • Use pre-printed papers 
  • The caricature artists draws only heads without drawing bodies and there is no background
  • Black and white drawing only (no use of color)
  • We can take photographs of all the guests and the artists draws from the photos (for example golfers can be photographed in the morning at departure and then the artist can draw during the day and the caricatures are handed out at dinner in the evening)

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