Sculpting and carving are demanding jobs that require a lot of patience. However, the artist is rewarded when the job is finished because the bas-reliefs and the three-dimensional pieces have something unique to offer. I mainly carve mainly in basswood, a soft wood that lends itself well for doing detailed work, but I also use polyurethane which doesn’t crack when aging. In fact, I like to work with other materials such as clay, cardboard and others. Stone is probably going to be my next step.



Occasionally, people ask me to do signs. If I am insured that they can be carved in my cartoonist style and my touch of fantasy, I say yes. I often enhanced signs with gold lettering.

Although their job no longer exists, I have great admiration for those ancient signpainters who painted handmade signs. Their dexterity with brushes was unique. The calligraphic techniques they used, such as rolling the brush between their fingers, are now lost. These signpainters were usually excellent artists because they knew perfectly how to balance positive and negative spaces between letters. They knew how to do the same for artwork.