To successfully earn a living as an artist, I had to vary my production, and accept different contracts, sometimes pretty far my usual production. I can’t complain, it’s something I like to do, mainly because I do not get tired of discovering new materials to work with and different creative techniques. I also enjoy collaboration collaborating with different artists because it creates a synergistic effect. For example, with the help of Mrs. Robert Francyn, we created a Halloween mascot costume for the Delta Hotel in Montreal.



Many years ago, I worked in Manon Leblanc’s studio in Saint-Sauveur. She now hosts a TV show on house decorating. This extremely creative woman asked me to do a few projects under her direction. I thus made a false rock cliff that you can see on the photos below.

For personal purposes I created a small and easily transportable Christmas stage for one of my tales. The wall behind the stage is for the public to draw on while the storyteller acts. For one of my clients I designed a moose-bench that you can also see on the photo below.