Humor is refreshing in our lives. Making a good cartoon requires more work than painting a realistic scene because you have to find the right idea and to render it on canvas. These ideas can stay in your mind for hours, weeks and even years before you figure out how you will put them down on a painting. The best cartoonists I met, have extensive knowledge on different graphic styles.

The fact is that creating a unique design is what seems to me to be the most difficult thing to achieve. If you want to stand out, you must create something new, and that means hardwork. Finding an original way to present a subject requires reflection and introspection. Sometimes humoristic drawings can be done in minutes, while on other occasions it takes dozens of sketches before getting the desired impact.

Daily life is a constant source of inspiration and I like to say that the world’s most beautiful theater is to be found right on the street. A cartoonist’s first ability is knowing how to observe, and when we look around us, there are a lot of comical situations. For example a mismatched couple, a weird looking dog, a bunch of artists sitting in a cafe, a woman with an authoritarian look, daily life is an unstainable source of these kind of situations. We have access to inspiring scenes when we analyze closely our surroundings. To quote Raymond Lévesque (author of the song «Quand les hommes vivront d’amour)): «Les caricaturistes ont l’oeil de la vérité, il faut savoir regarder»

“We are never punished for making someone choke with laughter» says the Chinese proverb. Laughter is contagious and I like to say that cartoons are not just for laughs, through them we can understand and identify with the message. Having the talent to draw is a blessing because boredom never exists with the artist’s eternal companion which is the sketchbook. Boarding areas, hospital waiting rooms, cafeterias, the pencil and the blank sheets are always waiting for you to entertain and nourish your (one’s) mind. When people ask me if I have taken (attended?) a course to learn to draw, I answer in the affirmative (classes in order to learn to draw?). Yes, I personally attended a very boring chemistry class in which I preferred to draw the teacher instead of listening.