Over the years, I have realized that it was also exciting for me to work in a realistic way. I like to change my habits, to explore and vary my production. This requires modifying automatic reflexes within us. It’s a challenge! The man who introduced me to watercolors, Jean-Paul Ladouceur, founder of the Société canadienne de l’aquarelle, used to say that an artist paints well what we knows well. Words which I totally agree with! We were also thaught to vary our textures, adjust our values and master the application of colors. In my eyes, a good teacher is unreplaceable and his teachings will remain with us for our entire life.


On other occasions, I take photos and reproduce them on the painting in my studio. It is more technical, and there is less feeling in the brushstrokes, but it’s beautiful too. In addition, in the winter, water freezes in our palette, so we do not have any other choice than to work. As opposed to a humoristic drawing, which requires an idea to start with, a realistic work is the exercise of interpreting the scene and applying colors.