Drawing classes and watercolor workshops

Lafontaine courses are offered either privately or in groups. Below is a list of workshops I have offered over time The duration of the course is based on the student’s needs. Phone (819) 321-7677.

Course: Watercolor

  • Fundamentals of watercolor
  • Working tools
  • Drawing exercises and values
  • Color application exercises
  • Creation of a watercolor in the studio or outdoors

Course: General drawing concepts

  • Sketches and drawings
  • Drawing Basics
  • Perspective
  • Working Tools
  • Improvement of the sudents’ compositions.
  • Graphic rendering

Course: Caricature and Comics

  • Working Tools
  • The importance of line in drawing
  • Studying angles in a face or in a character
  • Lettering
  • Creating a comic strip in 3 panels