Jenri is the twin brother of Robert Lafontaine. He is also, like his brother, a professional cartoonist with the difference of having large ear because they were pulled by his parents as a child when he didn’t listen to them. Jenri is not only a caricaturist, he is also a colorful character who invites your guests to participate. Get to know Jenri and spend a good time with the founder of the «jenrisme» style of painting.

Among his favorite games:
• Giant welcome card
• Mural for all
• Let your guests be the cartoonists
• Exhibition of cartoons
• «My life as a cartoonist»
• Unlimited Imagination
• Participation prizes
• etc.

Invite Jenri for an humoristic entertainment on the thematic of cartoon and have a good time. It’s fun and it will be a memorable event. You will also discover that you are an artist too, in your way.

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